Liberia is endowed with immense tourism potentials. Its culture, history, and tourist attractions have the potential to improve the living standards of the population. These include a national museum, arts and crafts, cultural displays, and an array of parks and reserves. Others are historical sites, waterfalls, beaches, hotels, and guesthouses. Tourism is expected to grow in the next decade as public infrastructure across the country improves.


Liberia is host to some of Africa’s finest, but relatively unknown eco-resorts and historical sites. Eco-tourism is about catering to tourists wishing to experience the natural environment without damaging it. There is huge potential for eco-tourism in Liberia. Some eco-tourist destinations currently in Liberia include the Libassa Eco Lodge located in Marshall, is a beautifully designed facility with a touch of African culture.

There is also the Nana Lodge in Grand Cape Mount, an upgraded cabin resort, with luxury tents, overseeing the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It provides a paradise for surfers and other tourists.