Oil & Gas

Liberia’s Offshore Area covers an estimated 25 percent of the West African Transform Margin (WATM).  WATM is a potentially lucrative oil and gas frontier, largely untapped. Liberia has two basins: Liberia Basin and Harper Basin. The Liberia Basin has a low well density and the Harper Basin has never been explored. Potential resources are waiting to be unlocked.

The Liberia Basin extends over a very large area. Recent discoveries in Narina-1 and Montserrado-1 wells have pointed to a working petroleum system.

By working with its partners TGS, NOCAL has used the best leading edge acquisition technology to obtain high quality seismic data. NOCAL has ensured a combination of the best data solution to make future partners in the sector successful in the search for black gold. Visit NOCAL online at www.nocal.com.lr.

Investment Opportunities: Potential investment opportunities exist for companies in the downstream petroleum sector in areas of refining, importation, offloading and facility handling. Potential investment tenders for new ultra deep offshore blocks or resale of existing blocks may materialize. Further, given the expected growth in demand for petroleum products, a private sector operator could be introduced to invest capital for upgrades and rehabilitation in return for operation rights on a pubic private partnership (PPP) arrangement.