Industrial Parks

Monrovia Industrial Park

Manufacturers are in the sectors of paints, mattresses, industrial oxygen, bakeries, wood-working, metal works, varnishes, plastic, rubber products and African clothing. Other products are mineral water, toiletries, refined vegetable oil, confectioneries, etc. While a few of the products are exported, most are for the domestic market. Within the commercial hub of Monrovia, there is 60 acres of land within the erstwhile Free Zone. Manufacturing opportunities exist in this area on account of its proximity to infrastructure and the Port of Monrovia. Additionally, there is the Monrovia Industrial Park (MIP) that contains 200 acres of land also in close, proximity to the Port of Monrovia. Currently small and medium scale manufacturing of goods such as nails, paint, industrial oxygen, confectioneries, and steel rods, is taking place in this park. There exists more manufacturing space in the park. For more information visit: