Why Invest in ICT in Liberia?

Liberia’s Information and Communication Technology Sector offer extensive opportunities for investment in both the public and private sectors, especially in the areas of finance and banking, health and education, agriculture, transport, and security, and is considered the bedrock for national growth and economic progression.

With the availability of a comprehensive National ICT policy that seeks to accelerate economic development and global competitiveness, the Government of Liberia has prioritized the integration of telecommunications and ICT services into overall developmental objectives, priorities, and programs to the extent that it can improve the wellbeing of its citizens. This makes the sector one of the priority areas for investment.

Market Opportunities
There are a number of firms operating in this sector. However, the demand and market space to accommodate more firms can not be overemphasized. At the end of 2015, the estimated market penetration was stated at Mobile-78%, Internet-0.5%, fi xed-0.3% (Source: BuddeComm based on various sources) thus making the sector potential for investment.

• According to the International Telecommunication Union in 2012, the percentage of individuals using the internet in Liberia was 3.79%, while the number of mobile-cellular subscriptions stood at approximately 2.4 million.

• The presence of the ACE optical fiber cable provides a more convenient, reliable, and efficient high-speed internet and ICT platform, purposely to stimulate growth and development
through e-business and e-government.