Accessing Finance

The Government of Liberia provides funding support for entrepreneurs and investors by working with the private sector.

West Africa Venture Fund, LLC: A US $40 Million investment Fund that provides capital financing to emerging growth SMEs in Liberia. Its target deal size is US$100,000 – US$500,000 with a goal of a minimum of 40 “Bottom of the pyramid” SME Equity investments in Liberia and target returns of 20 – 25%. (

The Liberian Enterprise Development Finance Company (LEDFC): Provides credit products for the medium-sized and larger SMEs that form the “Missing Middle” between commercial bank customers and the beneficiaries of international donor-supported micro-credit programs; and provides targeted technical and business development services to enhance SME capacities.

Finance Leasing

In an effort to ensure that market has access to a range of financial mechanisms the Liberia National Investment Commission (LNIC) in partnership with the Central Bank of Liberia has introduced finance leasing into the Liberian market.

Presently, there is one newly established non-bank leasing company in Liberia. M&E Leasing Limited is an independent leasing company (non-bank lessor).  M&E made an initial capital investment of US $500,000.00. The company was inaugurated on June 2, 2014. In 2008, the potential market opportunity for leasing in Liberia was projected to be between US $30 Million and US $88 Million.

The market is expected to increase over time due to the country’s growing equipment needs in agriculture, construction, mining, and other sectors of the economy.

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