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H.E Dr. George Manneh Weah
President, Republic of Liberia

Invest in Energy

CSLG power plan at Mount coffee
Invest in Hospitality
& Tourism
Farmington Hotel at RIA
Invest in Agriculture Cocoa from Nimba County
Invest in Seaport Freeport of Monrovia Invest in Mining Aureus Mine in Grand Cape Mount County

Favorable Tax & Incentives Regime

Liberia has an investment-friendly tax system, transparent tax regulations, and motivational tax exemptions for investments in targeted sectors such as manufacturing, energy, tourism, housing, transportation, rubber, oil palm cultivation and poultry, waste management, ICT, value-addition agriculture, and exportation of sea products

Abundant Natural Resource

Liberia is a bundle of endowments of natural resources including 4 million hectares of arable land, abundant water resources, and timber, as well as minerals such as iron ore, gold, bauxite, and diamonds, as well as marine resources. Liberia has the highest water resource availability per capita in West Africa.

Dual Currency Regime

The Liberian Dollar and the United States Dollar are used interchangeably. Currency exchange rates are determined by the market. One of the few countries in the world where the United States dollars is a legal tender and ca be used for business transactions

Endless Opportunities

Despite the challenges imposed by the global impact of COVID-19, Liberia remains optimistic that the economy will turnaround soonest. Growth in the non-mining sector is expected to rebound the economy reflecting an improvement of 2.4 percentage points. The focus of economic activity will be productivity-driven growth and diversification under an Inclusive Growth Development Operations program with the World Bank. Those who would benefit from engagement with Liberia in the medium-term would act smart now by commencing engagement with Liberia

Investment Interests
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Investment Interest in Liberia

The Government of Liberia continues to receive investment interest across all sectors of the economy amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Investment Interest in Infrastructure
Investment Interest in Mining
Investment Interest in Energy

Tourism & Hospitality

Liberia is endowed with immense tourism potentials. Its culture, history, and tourist attractions have the potential to improve the living standards of the population. These include a national museum, arts and crafts, cultural displays, and an array of parks and reserves. Others are historical sites, waterfalls, beaches, hotels, and guesthouses. Tourism is expected to grow in the next decade as public infrastructure across the country improves.nunc

Rainforest & Wildlife

Liberia has the largest area of primary tropical rain forest in West Africa. The forest comprises a variety of plant and animal species. Wildlife found in the forest of about 200 species of birds, elephants, leopards, monkeys, etc. There are also the unique pigmy hippopotamus and the Nimba Toad, which are found only in Liberia.nunc

Parks and Reserves

Liberia is home to two national parks. They are the Sapo National Park and the Lofa-Mano National Park. There are also several forest reserves and protected areas around the country such as the Belle, East Nimba, Gibi, Gio, Gola, Grebo, Kpelle, and Krahn-Bassa. The parks, reserves and protected areas are rich in bio-diversity. nunc


Liberia has two major lakes, Lake Piso in Grand Cape Mount County, and Lake Shepherd in Maryland County. Lake Piso, also called the “fisherman’s lake”, is the largest lake in Liberia with an area of about 103 square kilometers (40 square miles). There are several islands in the lake, including the Massatin Island, which is a haven to several species of birds and monkeys. Lake Shepherd is situated in Maryland County which is about 500 miles from Monrovia. The lake presents a breathtaking view with it clam waters and trees studded coast offering relaxation that a visitor would gladly enjoy. It is definitely one of Liberia’s leading tourist destinations. There are significant investment opportunities in the lakes for fisheries and aquaculture, water sports and resorts.nunc


Liberia has some of the best islands in the region. The most prominent is the Providence Island. The Providence Island, formerly known as Dozoa, is the site for the arrival in 1822 of the pioneers that founded Liberia. The island has a landmass of 11.22 acres surrounded by the Messurado River and Stockton Creek. The island was a trading post and contains a water-well from which traders and slaves fetched water. This well still exists today. The island is a component of Liberia’s national identity and is poised to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hotels & Resorts

Liberia’s hotels and emerging guesthouses cater to tourists. While hotels are common in Monrovia, hostels and guest houses are common in the rest of the counties. There are over fifteen large hotels in Liberia providing a range of services including conference facilities, international and local cuisines, ATM services, fitness gymnasiums, and other facilities. Prominent hotels include: Farmington, Mamba Point, Grand Royal, Cape, Boulevard Palace, Palm Springs, RLJ Kendeja, Bella Casa, Corina, and Kailondo. Others are Murex Plaza, Sunset Inn, Passion, Hotel Buchanan, Alvino, Executive Inn, Riverside Resort, Gbedze Resort, etc. There are also several motels and guest houses across the country.

Tourism & Hospitality
Rainforest & Wildlife
Parks & Reserves
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