Liberia suffered badly from its 14 years of conflict, and the nation’s stock of infrastructure remains inadequate and poorly maintained. However, there are opportunities to reverse this trend. Related infrastructure investment priorities like roads, port, energy, sanitation and ICT offer great investment potentials that can best bring Liberia out of its relative isolation.

Infrastructure investments will enable Liberia to play a larger role on an agricultural trading stage within the Mano River Union, on a regional stage within the ECOWAS energy, communications and transit trade markets, and on a globally competitive stage as an attractive investment destination for manufacturing, mining and agro-industry

Dry Port Development
Basically, it is an inland terminal to and from which shipping lines could issue their bills of lading for clearing cargos. It is driven by the long-term stimulus of increasing worldwide trade and globalization

It is also applicable to handle all types of cargo
It has the potential to lessening congestion, alleviate pressure on the storage space and reduce handling operations in the main port

Buchanan Port
334 meters long with a depth of 9.5 meters; handles the export of ores by ArcelorMittal (Liberia) and a limitedm amount of container and general cargo
This port is located within the economic corridor of the country and has the potential to expand and provide port services to several adjacent counties.

Airport Development
By early 2019, with the aid of China, the Roberts International Airport (RIA) and its expansion project will
be completed, equipped with an ultramodern terminal and attending facilities. The refurbished state-of-the-art RIA will then be set to boost Liberia’s economicdevelopment through the handling of local and
international air traffics.
James Spriggs Airfield - located in Central Monrovia with opportunity for PPP. Potential for domestic and regionalflights
To improve the functionality and safety of the JamesSpriggs Payne Airport (JSPA)

Investment Opportunities

Road Development:
15km bridge linking Gardnerville to Sinkor (Possible toll road project with the projection of high traffic) (Estimated cost of Project: US$ 80m)

Coastal Highway covering the long coastal line of Liberia

Construction & management of road links (toll road system) as reform progresses for fair payments for road

Long term road maintenance initiatives
ELWA (Monrovia) to Robertsfield International Airport road and lighting system

The cost of construction and maintenance of our roads is very high.

Due to climatic conditions, we can only work on the roads for a period of at most six months in a year.

Port Infrastructure:
Sea Port Development:

Port of Greenville (PPP or JV Oprs):
The port of Greenville is the 3rd largest in terms of operation within the NPA network. It is protected by a 400 meters long breakwater and on its inner side by two quays, is a major facility for the exportation of logs. The
Port of Greenville has been hampered by lack of basic navigational equipment and general facilities to bring it on par with basic international standard.

To meet the minimum standard set for management of a model Port, the NPA is seeking Public Private Partnership (PPP) with reputable company/firm for expansion and improved operations at the Port of Greenville through: Dredging of the berthing area at the end of the quay Rehabilitation of main harbor basin

Rehabilitation of main infrastructures including port infrastructures and roads.