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Concessions in Liberia

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  • January 1 –New Year's Day
  • February 11 –Armed Forces Day
  • Second Wednesday of March – Decoration Day
  • March 15 – President J.J. Roberts' Birthday
  • Second Friday of April –Fast and Prayer Day
  • ...read more

Although restaurants serving various cuisines from around the world can be found in Monrovia, traditional Liberian dishes are, of course, more readily available:

  • Cassava Leaf & Rice:  Sauce made from the leaf of cassava, served with palm oil and various meats and rice
  • Dry Rice & Fish:  Rice mixed with Liberian v...read more
Living in Liberia

Liberians are generally warm people with a rich culture. Liberia’s artistic traditions are strong, but this is especially true in the country’s interior. The country’s capital, Monrovia, generally reflects a more Western culture.

Below please find basic information about the social landscape of Liberia as you consider investing. The information contained here is intended for investors and ...read more

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