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The setting up of the Monrovia Industrial Park through the Ministry of Commerce with excellent tax breaks and capital repatriation guarantees, as well as its willingness to expand this industry, demonstrates the faith the government of Liberia has in the potential of manufacturing and its willingness to expand this industry. Manufacturing in Liberia has a wealth of opportunities in plastic and rubber goods such as: car tires, shoes, pipes, toys, furniture, as well as bio-fuel, etc. With plentiful raw materials, limited competition, abundant and low cost labor, a strategic coastal location, ports, and its role in the regional and subregional economic groupings of ECOWAS and MRU make Liberia the perfect staging ground to produce goods for these markets
as well.

Liberia’s manufacturing sector is a virgin territory with unlimited potential. Liberia’s youthful and energetic population accounts for over 60% of the Country’s 4.1 million people, with the majority under the age of 25. This pool of potential workers presents a wonderful opportunity for the manufacturing industry.

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