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Who We Are

The National Investment Commission was created by an Act of the National Legislature on September 6, 1979 and amended on July 19, 2010 to promote and coordinate investment related activities in all sectors of the Liberian economy.

The Commission is comprised of six Commissioners headed by the Chairman, who is the administrative head of the Secretariat and has a cabinet-level ranking.

The Liberia National Investment Commission (LNIC) aspires to be the premier dynamic investment promotion agency for a sustainable, vibrant, and inclusive economy in Liberia.

The LNIC promotes, attracts, facilitates, and retains quality investments by:

  • Providing effective business and investor support: LNIC will accompany investors throughout all phases of their investment projects, facilitating meetings, assisting investors in navigating as efficiently as possible the regulatory and establishment procedures, and maximizing investor opportunities through dedicated programs in business linkages, development of Special Economic Zones and incentives.
  • Increasing market access for Liberian goods and services
  • Creating an supportive and thrivingbusiness environment: The LNIC heads and manages the Business Reform Committee whose sole purpose is to guarantee public-private dialogue toward championing reforms that improve the country's business environment.
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