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TIBA Industrial Group: Industrial Land Provided for Liberia’s First Biscuit Factory Since the War

TIBA opened the first biscuit factory in Liberia since the war. Established at Monrovia Industrial Park in December 2013, TIBA made a significant investment to process foods and add value in Liberia.

“We decided to be a pioneer in food processing. Liberia has been importing most foodstuffs, including biscuits since the war,” said RizkallahGharib, President, MILLA Group’s Board and Owner, of TIBA Industrial Group. “We evaluated the market and found this was a good business opportunity for the group.” TIBA sells domestically, but recently started exporting to Sierra Leone and Guinea. “The regional market represents another plus of producing in Liberia.”

TIBA now employs 183 people, most of them women.  “Our workforce is very dedicated and proud to be working in this industry”, Mr. Gharib continued.

“And the Government of Liberia, in particular National Investment Commission and the Ministry of Finance, has been very helpful.  NIC’s service has improved significantly, responding to requests in a much faster way than what our group experienced in the past”, Mr.Gharib added.

NIC’s Chairman Mr. MichaellWotorson is very pleased with TIBA’s investment and indicated "this attests to the interesting investment opportunities available in Liberia. Many products and markets are open for grabs to domestic or regional investors who are willing to be a pioneer, produce, process and add value in Liberia."

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