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3 Paths to Investing

The 3 Paths to Investing in Liberia

 Investors seeking to start a business in Liberia generally take one of three paths to investing.

Standard Business (No Incentive Required)

  • Investor is not seeking any incentive from the Government of the Republic of Liberia
  • Typically small businesses with capital less than US $500,000, but some larger business fall into this category
  • Takes about a week to set up your business (Registration and Incorporation)
  • Sector specific licenses and permits may be required. For information on licenses and permits for LNIC’s priority sectors, Contact.

Special Investment Incentives

  • Typically businesses that invest less than US $10 Million and seek government incentives
  • Takes about 3 months to obtain incentives
  • Expedited process is available through the LNIC; contact the Commission and request more information
  • For more information on incentives, Contact.


  • Typically businesses that invest greater than US $10 Million and seek extra consideration from the government
  • For info on the process for negotiating a concession, Contact.


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