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Capital: Monrovia

Location: Liberia is located on the west coast of Africa and is bordered on the north by Guinea, on the East by Ivory Coast, on the West by Sierra Leone and on the South by the Atlantic Ocean.

Climate: Tropical, hot, humid, dry season (November to April) with hot days; wet season (May 

               to    October) with wet, cloudy days and     frequent heavy rains.

Temperature:  20-30 C (68-86 F)

Surface Area:  111,370 sq. km (total); 96,320 sq km (land);    15,050 sq km (water)

Time Zone:  GMT Zone

 Population:  4,299,944 (July 2016 est.)

 Languages:  English (offi cial), with some 20 ethnic group    languages, few of which have written scripts.

Economic Indicators

Currency: Dual currency regime (Liberian dollar and US dollars as legal tender) conversion (US$1 = L$105 as of March 2017)

GDP (PPP):  US$3.749 Billion (2015 est.)

GDP (Offi cial Exchange Rate):  US$2.035 Billion (2015 est.)

GDP Real Growth Rate:  0% (2015 est.), 0.7% (2014 est.), 8.7% (2013 est.)

GDP Per Capita (PPP):  US$900 (2015 est.) Labor Force:  1.6 million (2015 est.)


Head of State:  H. E. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Government Type: Unitary Constitutional Republic & Representative Democracy

Administrative Divisions:  15 counties: Bomi, Bong, Gbarpolu, Grand    Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, Grand Gedeh,    Grand Kru, Lofa, Margibi, Maryland,  Montserrado, Nimba, River Cress,  River Gee, Sinoe

Independence:  26 JULY 1847

Legal System:  Mixed legal system of common law (based on  Anglo-American law) and customary law

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