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Although restaurants serving various cuisines from around the world can be found in Monrovia, traditional Liberian dishes are, of course, more readily available:

  • Cassava Leaf & Rice:  Sauce made from the leaf of cassava, served with palm oil and various meats and rice
  • Dry Rice & Fish:  Rice mixed with Liberian vegetables and served with fried fish
  • Fufu:  Pounded cassava, yam, plantain, usually accompanies traditional soups
  • Pepper Soup:  Soup with Liberian vegetables and pepper
  • Palm Oil:  Oil from the palm nuts, cooked in most Liberian dishes
Abu Jaoudi UN Drive
ERA 16th Street
Exclusive Supermarket 19th Street
Exclusive Supermarket Carey & Center Street
Greenland Tubman Boulevard
Monoprix Benson Street
Stop ‘N’ Shop Randall Street
Stop ‘N’ Shop 17th Street
UN Drive Supermarket 15th & 16th Streets
Housseini’s Mini Mart Mamba Point, Old CID Road
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