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 Liberia: A Nation Abound With Investment Opportunities

The National Investment Commission is pleased to present Invest Liberia, the official guide for investing in Liberia, benefitting stakeholders worldwide.

The general section of this guide provides the following information:

  • How to invest in Liberia
  • Advantages, privileges and business incentives for investing in Liberia
  • The types of investors Liberia seeks
  • Details about Liberia and what makes it a prime investment opportunity

This guide provides detailed information within Sector Profiles on individual sectors of the economy.

Invest Liberia General Information:
In addition to Liberia’s investment opportunities, and investment procedures and requirements, the General Information section provides a synopsis of various sector profiles. In each profile, the role of the government, investment policies and development objectives of the country are addressed. The maps and guides provide a high level view of key development corridors of Liberia’s landscape, with testimonials from industry leaders currently investing in the country.

Invest Liberia Sector Profiles:
The Sector Profiles are designed to provide in-depth information, guidance and answers to key investment questions. Each profile will feature unique advantages and opportunities that exist within that sector.

An emerging market, Liberia is rich
in natural resources.

A market-driven, investor-friendly
environment that is steadily


Liberia is poised for economic
success; its strategic location
grants investors access to one of
the largest and fastest-growing
markets in the world.


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