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 River Gee County »

Capital: Fishtown

Population: 66, 789(2008)

Location: River Gee is a county in the southern portion of Liberia, measuring 5,113 square kilometers (1,974 sq mi). It is bordered by Sinoe County to the west, Grand Gedeh County to the north, and Grand Kru and Maryland counties to the south. The eastern part of River Gee borders the nation of Ivory Coast along the Cavalla River.

History: River Gee was created in 2000. It’s the Tenth-largest in size.  River Gee split from Grand Gedeh County in May 2000 after receiving approval from Liberia's House of Representatives in May 1997 and Senate approval in March 2000. On the east of the county is the Cavalla River that forms Liberia's border with the Ivory Coast.


Economic Activities:

Large Companies operating in County:

Special features: River Gee County accommodates the Glaro Reforestation Project with a designated National Plantation area of 1,008.89 ha (2,493.0 acres). It also shares the National proposed reserve of Grebo Forest (97,136 ha (240,030 acres)) with Grand Gedeh County.

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