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 Grand Kru County »

Capital:  Barclayville.  

Population: 57,106

Location: Grand Kru County is a county in the southeastern portion of Liberia, measuring 3,895 square kilometres (1,504 sq mi). It is bordered by River Gee County to the northeast, Sinoe County to the northwest, and Maryland County to the southeast. The southern part of Grand Kru borders the Atlantic Ocean.

History: Grand Kru was created in 1984/1985 by the merger of the territories of Sasstown and Kru Coast. Kru Coast territory had previously been part of Maryland County, and Sasstown territory had previously been part of Sinoe County.

Tribe(s): Kru.

Economic Activities: The residents have a subsistence farming economy. The most important crops are upland rice, cassava, palm nuts, and along the coast, fishing. Feed corn is grown at higher elevations farther inland. Sugar cane and several varieties of bananas grow in the wetland areas. Cash crops include coffee, cocoa and kola. Locally grown bamboo and piassava palm are widely used for construction, mats and baskets. Many tropical fruits, domestic and wild, grow in the region including oranges, limes, mangos, soursop, breadfruit and coconut.

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