Maryland County is a county in Liberia with the area of the county measuring 2,297 square kilometers (887 sq mi). As of the 2008 Census, it had a population of 136,404, making it the seventh most populous county in Liberia.

The Topography of Maryland County is gently rolling with wide and shallow valleys; there are a few hills, valleys and swamps toward the far North and Central part of the County; Maryland County has large rivers: The Cavalla, the Gee River, River Nun and Ni Dellor River; the Gee River has several waterfalls, which flow and drain from the swamps and tributaries into the Ocean; geology soil types found in the County are reddish-brown soil and range from gray to black soil; these soil types support the growth of a variety of tree crops such as rubber, oil palm, coffee, as well as corn and rice; in the southern part of the county, the soil type is sandy; Maryland County falls within the tropical rain forest region; the vegetation found covering the County consists of primary and secondary forests and savannas; the primary forest is found towards the Northern part of the county; some of the primary forest resources have been exploited by logging companies, reducing it to secondary forest; It hosts the Cavalla Rubber Plantation and the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation and has a sea port- Harper Port.

 Investment Opportunities:

Investment opportunities in Maryland County include mining, agricultural production, and many cash crops, forest and timber processing, tourism, logging, and hydroelectric power generation.