Grand Gedeh County

Grand Gedeh is in southeastern Liberia, with a total land area of 10,276 km”, which is about 9.22% of the total land area of Liberia. The County is noted for its rich iron ore reserves, rich gold deposits, vast forest and highlands that have not been exploited; Grand Gedeh is categorized under the highlands of Liberia, which is generally characterized by plateau and mountain ranges up to 1,000 ft (300 M); the soil is rich and generally amenable to a variety of agriculture uses, thus, making it capable of producing any kind of food crops; the streams and rivers are filled with various fish species; important mountain ranges are the Puto and Tiempo; the rock of the County forms part of the West African croton; recognized by its stability and the general absence of tectonic activity during the last 2,500 million years; the vegetation of Grand Gedeh County is typical of the tropical rain forest, characterized by evergreen and semi-deciduous forest. Home to the Putu Iron Ore Company.


Investment Opportunities:
Grand Gedeh County is ideal for agriculture, horticulture, mining, energy, forest conservation, wildlife exploration, infrastructure, and manufacturing.