Grand Bassa County

Port of Buchannan NIC


Grand Bassa County is in the area from latitude 6°45’ to latitude 5°30’ North, and from longitude
10°30’ to longitude 9°00’ West (ISO 3166-2: LR-GB). The total land area of the County is approximately 3,382 square miles (8,759 square kilometers). Bassa has a flat coastline, with a narrow coastal plain which extends inland from the seashore, and the land gradually rises to the hilly hinterland of the County; high elevation regions have a forest of evergreen and deciduous trees, including ironwood and mahogany; the County has several major rivers to include St. John, Farmington, Merchlin, New Cess, Ilor, Timbo, and Benson River; the shore is broken by estuaries, tidal creeks, and rocky capes; the County’s soils can be categorized as laterite (55%), which is leached out; alluvial (19%) and sandy and loamy (26%). Alluvial soil is prevalent in the leeward districts; two onshore sediment-filled basins are located along the coastline: Roberts Basin and Bassa Basin; the County is generally covered by green forest, but there is also savanna.


Investment Opportunities:
Grand Bassa County is an ideal location for investment in Tourism, fishery, energy, forestry and timber processing, oil palm, and agriculture.