Grand Cape Mount County is the fifth oldest County of the Republic of Liberia, in the Western Region,
specifically the south-western corner of Liberia along the coastal belt. Located on coordinates 7º 15! N, 11° 00’W, it has a total land area of 5,827 square kilometers.

Grand Cape Mount has a large natural lake called Lake Piso, which forms a confluence with the Atlantic Ocean with beautiful shores that attract tourists; the County is also endowed with mountains such as the Bie Mountains in Porkpa and Gola Konneh Districts, which contains a large deposit of iron ore; Grand Cape Mount County is served with a good network of rivers such as Maffa, Mani, Konja, and Lofa, which separates Bomi County from Cape Mount County; and the Congo Mano River, separating Sierra Leone and Liberia; these rivers contain rich deposits of gold and diamonds and provide food and livelihoods for many communities; the County is richly endowed with natural resources, mainly iron ore in Porkpa and Gola Konneh Districts, and diamonds and gold in Porkpa, Gola Konneh and Tewor District; the County’s coastal belt is rich with coastal mangrove, farmland, coastal savannah and secondary forest; Tewor, Porkpa and Gola Konneh Districts are mostly covered with semi-deciduous and rainforest; a portion of
the Gola Forest runs through the County, with a variety of wildlife species such as elephants, monkeys, chimpanzees, pottos, genets, pigmy hippopotamus, zebra duiker, leopards, egrets and owls,
among others.


Investment Opportunities:
The natural beauty of its capital of Robertsport is depicted by the existence of the Wakolor Mountain close to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Grand Cape Mount County is ideal for agriculture, horticulture, tourism, mining, energy, forest conservation, wildlife exploration, infrastructure, and manufacturing.