Bong County Located in the north-central part of Liberia and has an area measuring 8,772 square kilometers (3,387 sq. mi); with a population of 328,919, making it the third-most populous county (LISGIS, 2008 Census). One of the richest in Liberia boasting natural resources such as gold, diamonds, iron ore and timber; traditional importance for mining to the local economy; well-watered by six principal rivers and several small streams; the soils are mostly latosols, which occurs on undulating and rolling land and occupies about 18% of the total land area in Liberia; this soil is heavily leached and silica nutrients and humus are readily washed out; the high forest belt can be divided into an evergreen rain forest zone and the moist semi-deciduous forest zone; the evergreen forest receives an annual rainfall of 80 inches and consists of species that do not have a marked period of leaf fall; the tallest trees reach 200 feet.


Investment opportunities:

Currently, there exists no large-scale logging activity; timber processing and pit sawing are carried out only at a small scale; fertile land with rolling hills; Bong County is ideal for investment in agriculture, timber, energy, and infrastructure and is home to the Kpatawe Water Fall- an ideal tourist destination.