Bomi County is in the northwestern part of Liberia; it has an area of the measuring 1,942 square kilometers (750 sq. mi); with a population of 82,036, making it the twelfth most populous county in Liberia (LISGIS, 2008 Census). Generally hilly with a few plains and valleys; has a sandy clay soil type; endowed with ample water resources to supply fish and other

livelihood options, including the Atlantic Ocean and the Po, Wlein, Mahei, Lofa, and St. Paul Rivers; many of the rivers are suitable for the mini hydroelectric generation to supply electricity to citizens and industry. There are many valuable commercial timber species found in the County.


Investment opportunities:

Currently, there exists no large-scale logging activity; timber processing and pit sawing are carried out only at a small scale;

fertile land with rolling hills; approximately, 45% of the land is covered by grassland. Bomi County is ideal for investment in agriculture, timber, energy, and infrastructure.